In our trip to Germany we lived many different and unforgettable experiences and we made a lot of friends, who we hope are friends forever. We could discover many things about a country that we didn’t know and we were able to know more about the German lifestyle. During the whole week we practised and improved our English and we also met new people and  we made our relationship with the Spanish people even better. We were very happy with our host families, who we spent some leisure time with.

The thing that really caught our attention was their habits, such as the eating times, the public transport, the way they worked at school and the food, yet it was not difficult to get used to it.

And do you know what? After all, we concluded that despite the geographical and cultural distance, we are not so different from each other.

This adventure was a great experience, which enabled us to learn many things, to visit new places and to have fun in that beautiful city called Munich. We still remember how sad the last day was because we didn’t want to come back to Spain; we thought the trip had been really short!  We hope to see our German friends again soon, looking forward to having a similar experience soon.